Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Butterfly

Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
¾Jesus of Nazareth

I've always heard there was a relationship between butterflies, angels, and signs from above.  It's funny because as I was lying in my hospital bed, there were a few occasions that my eyes were drawn over to the large window, covered in blinds...and I could see what looked like a large butterfly fluttering and dancing around outside.  I didn't get up and try to look out the window because I knew it would be gone, but I took note.  I keep thinking back to those visions of the butterfly shadow and in that moment thinking to myself, "What if....?" and I'm positive I even smiled.  

Last night, I was talking to Doug about how everything reminds us of Andrew and what happened...the stories are everywhere, visuals, sounds, etc.  Doug had agreed and had actually been the one who brought up the subject.  Me, being the ever-observant one, never thought he would be feeling the same way I did on that one.  Something just made me ask him if he had seen the butterfly outside the hospital window and he was almost excited when he said, "Yes!  I did!"  It's almost as if he subconsciously found a message in the butterfly as well because he was so overtaken by my asking.  He never got up to look out the window either, just watched the shadow dance across the blinds.  Just days before I had been reading up on signs from angels, and I wonder if this was ours.  It's crazy that we both not only saw it, but NOTICED it and REMEMBERED it.  How often does one take note of a butterfly?  Maybe it was OUR butterfly...

Not five minutes after our conversation, we were watching a tattoo show and a lady came on with a request for a butterfly tattoo.  As her story was told, she was a grieving mother who had lost her baby two days after he was born.  In her quest to help others in similar situations, she had begun drawing pictures of loved ones and butterflies for grieving families, and this was the purpose of her tattoo.  It was beautiful.  The next show we watched showed a lady who had seen horrible things...with a tiny butterfly stitched on her shirt.  It could be a coincidence, sure, but maybe....just maybe....

Don't weep at my grave, 
For I am not there, 
I've a date with a butterfly 
To dance in the air. 
I'll be singing in the sunshine, 
Wild and free, 
Playing tag with the wind, 
While I'm waiting for thee. - Many people reported receiving a sign which affirmed that their deceased family member or friend had survived physical death and continues to live in another dimension of existence. We call these symbolic ADCs or ADC signs. They are a relatively common type of after-death communication.
Some people are sent a sign spontaneously as a gift, while others ask or pray to receive one. Depending on their belief system, they may ask their deceased loved one to give them a sign, or they may pray to God or the “universe” for one.
Typical symbolic ADCs include butterflies, rainbows, flowers, many different species of birds and other animals, and any number of inanimate objects. Whether a sign comes immediately or takes days or weeks to arrive, most people intuitively recognize their sign right away and feel it was intended just for them.
ADC signs provide much hope to those who are grieving deeply, especially bereaved parents and the widowed. But because they are a symbolic form of communication, the receiver must interpret his or her own experience and assign personal meaning to it.
In the first four accounts of symbolic ADCs the experiencers received a butterfly as their personal sign.
The butterfly is the most frequently mentioned ADC sign. It is a spiritual symbol for life after death because of its metamorphosis, or transformation, from a caterpillar that crawls on the ground to a beautiful, almost ethereal creature that flies through the air. It has also become a symbol for personal growth and spiritual rebirth.

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