Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting back on schedule.

I definitely have mixed emotions about the kids going to school Monday, but I am ready to get a schedule going. I think the time alone will be good for me in the long run, it's just going to be a major adjustment.  I mean, I can count on two hands the number of days I've been "alone," in the past 11 or 12 years.  It's going to be weird.  I do need some me time though to figure things out and get my health in order.  I am hoping to get back on a workout regimen and hopefully start walking again.  It will be nice, yet weird, to walk alone, without pushing Trevor's trailer in front of me.  I just hope my pain allows me to get into a good workout.  My pain levels have been through the roof since the loss.  I just threw my neck out this morning by just sitting here...didn't even turn my head or anything.  It's been a while since that happened, but I guess all the stress has really knotted up my muscles again and now I've pulled something out of place just because.  Oh well, I'm used to it...but it still sucks. :)

I've been working again for the past two weeks, and although it is hard to get up at 4:30, it's nice to be making money again and feeling productive.  I feel my life getting back on track, slowly.  I never forget how my life should be at any given time, but I'm starting to accept that this is my reality.  I've got to spend time with the kiddos the last few weeks.  We've been to the movies, shopping, the mall, McDonald's, Nickel Arcade, and we are getting ready to brave the 105 degree heat and go to Surf N' Swim for the last weekend before school.  Wish me luck.

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