Monday, July 25, 2011

Waiting, waiting....and more waiting.

Doug called the funeral home today and we found out that they were having difficulty getting the doctor to sign the death certificate, and she finally signed Friday.  NOW, the funeral home has to wait on the permit so they can finally get things going so we can have our son home. It's such a mess, but apparently not uncommon for babies as young as Andrew.  But then, the doctor wouldn't even touch him and talked about him as if he were insignificant, so I'm not surprised.  I called the doctor's office to first leave ANOTHER message with the financial department about wanting a refund on the $3,000 we paid them up front for our portion of the pregnancy bills, all the way through delivering full-term.  Since that didn't happen, I want my money back.  I will pay the bills as I see fit.  Of course, I'm sure they won't let the money go without pulling out her portion first.  It sucks we took a loan out of 401k to pay it off, and now we're paying for all this instead.  She's lucky the bill was paid up front because after the way she treated me, I honestly wouldn't have paid the bills at all.  I also canceled my next appointment and printed out a medical release form to have all my information transferred back to my previous doctor...then I can be done with this doctor from hell, for good.  I am still going to look in filing complaints against her, or at least warning other potential patients.  I also called the hospital to tell them I was not going to pay the bill they sent me with their routine L&D charge.  $3,000 for a full-term infant is one thing...for a 14-week "miscarriage"....not happening.  Doug and I were alone when Andrew delivered.  We called the nurse who came in and helped us.  The doctor only came in an hour later to help deliver the placenta.  She gave me more pitocin and meds and waited.  $3,000, I think not.  That does not even include the meds, the room, or any of that...that all was another $1500.  This is strictly for the "labor and delivery."  In that case, they should pay ME, because I did all the work.

I also had to talk to both insurance companies, since the lady who hit my car also filed with MY insurance.  It's somehow my fault, I guess because I was THERE.  Whatever.  I hope this doesn't turn into a big mess because I will fight until she pays, and pays well.  When my car is fixed, I will then be filing a diminished value claim for hitting my brand new freaking car. Argh!  I am so over all this.  Seriously.  Just when I think I can start moving on, something else gets thrown in my way.  It's hard to try and get on a positive track when there is just one thing after another.  

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